About Us

Our faculty, which started education in the 2019-2020 academic year, is one of the first five faculties of Samsun University that was founded by the adjectional article 185, one of the articles added to the Law 2809 stated at the article 7 of the law 7141 as part of “Law concerning Higher Education and Changes in Specific Laws and Enactments” that was published on the Official Journal – 18 May 2018.

Our faculty has 13 departments in total including departments of International Trade and Business Administration, Economics and Finance, Political Science and Public Administration, Health Management, Maritime Business, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy that accept students according to equal weight (EA) score type; departments of Turkish Language and Literature, Communication Design and Management, History and Geography that admit students according to their verbal scores, and Department of Translation and Interpreting that accepts students with their language scores.

The language of education is Turkish and the education period is 4 years. There are 9 professors, 8 associate professors, 30 doctoral faculty members, 16 research assistants and 1 lecturer in our faculty. The primary aim of the faculty is to train qualified individuals for their city, region, country and world of science. In addition, it is to contribute to the development of students and academicians by increasing their efficiency and productivity.